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  • How can I reach Lingotto Fiere, the Auditorium, the Agnelli Art Gallery, La Pista 500, Eataly, Green Pea and the Turin Polytechnic from the B&B Un Buon Start?
    You can easily reach your destinations in about 20-25 minutes with LINE 8, direction San Mauro, stop TRAIANO, in corso Unionesovietica, about 3 minutes walk from the B&B Un Buon Inizio. By car it will take you about 10-15 minutes (about 4 km).
  • How do I reach the Pala Alpitour?
    The Pala Alpitour can be reached in about 15 minutes with tram line 4 (TRAIANO stop on Corso Unionesovietica - direction Falchera) and with tram line 10 (TRAIANO stop on Corso Agnelli - direction Statuto)
  • Are there gluten-free and lactose-free options in your breakfast?
    Our breakfast is 100% vegan (with no dairy products - milk, cheese, butter - and no eggs) therefore the products we offer are all naturally lactose-free. We have gluten free options. We ask our guests to inform us of any allergies or intolerances when booking.
  • How would Un Buon Inizio differentiate from the other B&Bs?
    Un Buon Inizio is a family-run bed and breakfast with only one room for guests which is inside the apartment but it is well separated from the rest of the house. The bathroom is en-suite. We are always available to our guests for any need and/or information they may need. The rich and varied breakfast at Un Buon Inizio is mostly organic and 100% vegan. Gluten free options are available upon request.
  • Where is the B&B Un Buon Inizio located?
    The B&B Un Buon Inizio is located in the Lingotto district, almost on the border with Mirafiori Sud.
  • How can I reach the center of Turin from the B&B Un Buon Inizio?
    The B&B Un Buon Inizio is 6 km from the center of Turin which can be easily reached in about 20 minutes with tram line 4 (stop 3 minutes walk from the b&b) and with tram line 10 (stop 5 minutes walk from the b&b).
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